There are two main ways in which I partner with companies: talent development and problem solving. If you have any interest, I would love to hear from you.

Talent development
  • Class projects: If your company has a project that would fit in any of my classes ('Deep Learning for Business Applications', 'Customer Analytics', 'Data Mining for Business Applications', 'Data Engineering and Visualization') consider letting us work on it as a semester-long project. Students learn a lot from these real-word problems and companies receive all the code that the students develop for solving the problem. It is also a great way to expose students to the types of problems your company works on, and to generate interest in your company.
  • Internships for PhD students: Our students learn from you and are brought up to speed on how you do things for several months. This can be one internship or a recurring internship every year for up to five years.
  • Training: If your company is in need of training in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Customer Analytics, Data Mining, Data Engineering, R, SQL, or Python consider letting me provide you with a workshop or training sessions.
Problem solving
  • Research and development: Much of my work is in collaboration with companies. I usually cut up the problem in smaller chunks with each chunk being solved and delivered in periods of 3-6 months. I only work with companies if the problem can be generalized to an academic version, which typically takes 3 years to solve. I am especially interested in developing automated, repeatable solutions. The field that I am working in is Machine Learning for Marketing Automation (Customer Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Email Marketing). Bigger projects involve developing end-to-end data products that ingest data, process that data, optimize decision making, and deliver these insights and recommendations to a front-end or app that is easily consumable by the company. If you have any interest, I would love to hear from you.